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Important Manufacturer Notification

Philips Respironics has announced a voluntary recall for certain models of CPAP, Bilevel and other devices due to issues related to the sound abatement material used in these devices. For information on the recall, including the potential health risks and the list of the affected devices, please visit The link provides updated information as soon as it becomes available, so feel free to check in regularly. If you bought your Respironics CPAP machine from any location other than LifeCare, please contact them directly to ensure that they have up-to-date contact information for you, as each serial number is registered to the clinic that originally sold the device. If you need to contact us, please send all inquiries to Please ensure that each inquiry comes with your complete name, plus up-to-date address, phone number and email. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all do our best to resolve this recall as information becomes available.

LifeCare Respiratory Services: Serving Nova Scotia since 1989

LifeCare Respiratory Services Ltd. offers in-home equipment, sleep studies and support for patients who are suffering from respiratory problems, insomnia, sleep apnea and other disorders in Halifax and surrounding communities in Nova Scotia.

Breathing Disorders and Sleep Problems

If you or a loved one is affected by breathing disorders or problems sleeping you owe it to yourself to call the professionals at LifeCare Respiratory Services. Some of the products and services we offer include:

  • Sleep studies provided in the comfort of your own home

  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy (CPAP), Bi PAP Therapy

  • After-hours customer support

  • Equipment sales & rentals

Sleep Better

We can help you get a better night’s sleep. Our mission is to provide services and treatments that fit your needs and preferences while providing optimal results. We recognize that each patient is unique, so we take the time to evaluate each patient’s needs and determine what product or system will serve them best. Please contact our office to discuss your needs or to schedule service.

40 Years’ Experience

Family-owned and operated since 1989, LifeCare Respiratory Services Ltd. offers over 40-plus years’ experience in respiratory care, as well as access to the latest technology and equipment for the treatment of sleep apnea. Our mission is to improve the clinical outcomes and the quality of life for patients with sleep apnea.


  • Home sleep studies

  • Sleep apnea diagnosis & treatment

  • CPAP Titration

Contact Information

Halifax Location


36 Oland Crescent

Halifax, NS B3S 1C6


Toll Free: 1-800-565-5664

Fax: 902-431-3559



Liverpool Location:

212 Main Street

Liverpool, NS B0T 1K0


Fax: 902-356-3568


email us
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